Flotation Tub With ZERO DIMENSION®

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  • Gloss White
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TOTO has developed the world's first zero-gravity bathtub in which bathers experience total weightlessness. TOTO calls this extraordinarily calming, tension-free bathing experience, Zero Dimension.


  • 86-5/8"L x 41-516"W x 30-11/16"H
  • Constructed with solid surface Galaline™ engineered to resist stain, retain heat, and minimize maintenance
  • Shaped to simulate a "gravity-less" floating position for ultimate relaxation
  • Hydrohands® massaging water jets
  • Superficie antideslizante
  • Adjustable headrest with cascading water shoulder warmer
  • Mood creating LED lighting
  • Capacitive Keypad
  • Toe touch drain and push-button design for a smooth, one-piece tub appearance
  • 0.5 hp blower
  • 77.5 gallon capacity
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The high-tech Flotation Tub with Zero Dimension Technology has been proven to put the bather in a meditative, low-frequency brain wave state similar to what is experienced in a deeply relaxed mental state.